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Signs You Are Being Led On

Everyone experiences being led on, if you don't, you are super human. It is not a nice thing and someone should be blamed. For fear you will be called clingy or a psycho you might just let it slide. But through research and many disappointing relationships I have conjured up a list of the Signs You Are Being Led On. Don't be fooled, stop it before it is too late.

1) They tell your friends they like you but never say it to your face

This guy or girl might tell your friends they like you but they never say it to your face. Therefore, you think they like you. But, if you say you like them too they freak out and deny saying such a thing.

2) Mind Games

When you are both out in the same venue it is like a cat chasing a mouse. They text you before you arrive saying 'can't wait to see you, 'miss you x'. You arrive and they completely ignore you. Stop this nonsense.

3) All on their terms

At the start of your relationship you decide to be laid back and let them decide where you go etc. Then it turns out they are deciding everything and there is no going back now.


4) They only text you when they want to 

You never text them first so you think you have the upper hand. When they do text you, you write back and then they don't txt again. Or, the one time you do text them, they won't text back either.

5) Booty Call

You don't want to admit it and, quite frankly, even think about it but you are their booty call. Your friends may tell you that you're not but they are all thinking it. BOOTAY CALLL.

6) Back-Handed Compliments

They tell their friends that you are their boyfriend or girlfriend even though they haven't said it to you. This causes quite the confusion. And, if you ask where this is going it will not be taken well.


7) Their Family

Their family has no clue who you are and they are never going to. This boy or girl does not take you seriously.

8) House Off Limits

You can never go around to their house and no explanation is ever given. You can never enter. It is forbidden territory.

9) They score other people

Since you are trying to be the laid back woman/man of their dreams you say you don't mind. This is only okay if you are scoring other people as well.


10) They flirt with your friends

At first, it seemed like a joke but now it is getting weird. It is making you feel paranoid and protective.

11) They sleep around

If they are sleeping around when they are meant to be with you run away now. If this is making you want them more - leave now or forever hold your peace.

12) They have a boyfriend or girlfriend

It never works out for the other women/man - never - unless you are Angelina Jolie. If you look like Angelina Jolie go for it I suppose.

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