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The 7 Types Of Girls You'll Meet On Tinder

Tinder is the online dating app taking the world by storm, with huge numbers of people getting involved. Whether they're looking for fun, something serious or just a casual self-confidence booster, Tinder is just wonderful. If you've gone on a couple of Tinder dates and met up with a girl you've liked, then you will probably recognise a few of these.

7. The Shy Girl

The girl who's totally cool and conversational online, but you meet her and it's like trying to draw blood from a stone! You sit there in awkward silence after you've exhausted all your topics of conversation and she's smiled, shrugged or responded with a simple "yes" or "no." This date can be utter torture. If all else fails, go all out and plant one on her lips - at least you won't have to suffer in this deathly awkward silence anymore. The fear of rejection seems nothing compared to that!


6. The Tinder Merchant

The girl who has been around the block MORE than a few times! "This is not my first rodeo my friend..." You're just one of the many guys she has stringing along. The good news is that she puts out, but the bad news is that you better wrap up before traveling down that route! You don't want to be leaving her with anything more than a happy face.



5. The Dumb One

The hot girl who reeled you in with her gorgeous long blonde hair, perfectly sculpted breasts and voluptuous bum. But there's just one problem - she's as thick as a plank of wood. She left school after the junior cert to chase her lifelong dream of becoming a hairdresser and has no interests outside the celebrity gossip magazines of Hello and OK! You struggle to keep your attention and find your eyes wandering down to her low-cut top to keep yourself occupied. You just want to hit it and quit it!


4. The Crazy One

You know from your text conversations with this girl that she's probably got a few screws loose, but you don't care - she's hot! And after all, "a freak in the head is a freak in the bed!" Upon meeting this girl in person you realise she's actually not that hot - she smiles in all her pictures with her mouth closed to hide those missing front teeth, and wears sunglasses to cover up that eyepatch! She spirals off on nutty tangents in her conversations with you and you can't wait to escape! Never again!



3. The One-Nighter.

Every guy's dream. No guy is looking for a girlfriend on Tinder at first. All you have is 1-5 pictures to judge someone by and if they're attractive enough, which they sometimes don't even have to be, the guy will be up for the ride. A casual sex encounter is all a guy really wants. He thinks with his penis and then his heart. Number 3 is his ultimate fantasy but that rarely tends to be the case.


2. The Clingy One

You're unfortunate if you've managed to catch a date with this one! She seems cool at first, but you soon find out that she is looking for a marriage, NOT a casual date. She bombards you with texts all the time. She texts you more than once if you don't reply. She just NEVER gets the message. You get the Facebook add, the email notification and she even stalks her way into your deleted Bebo page! Hightail it out of there and avoid number 2!

1. THE 'One'

Your perfect woman. Rarely does she pop up but some men have been lucky enough to find the woman of their dreams through online dating! She's everything you've ever wanted - attractive, smart, funny, cool, fun and entertaining. Thank Tinder, not God!


Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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