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The Most Attractive Personality Traits In Men

You might go to the gym every day, have Zac Efron's eyes, Brad Pitt's hair and the height of Ashton Kutcher... But no matter what, the most attractive things about the hottest guy are these personality traits.


We love a man who seems to be going places. Some people are cool in school and never grow beyond that. Please don't be one of those.



You see, here we want you to be sort of magical. You need to be able to pig out and eat ice cream with us, get takeaways at the weekends, and you also need to be able to help us stick to our diets and not offend us by saying "maybe a Domino's isn't such a great idea 3 times in one week...."



We want you to look good. No man past the age of 25 should shy away from a suit and tie when the occasion calls for it. It's time to stop wearing tracksuit bottoms in public. We're sorry but it's true.


Please don't be the guy that every time we're  in Burger King you forgot your wallet or you never offer my friends drinks despite them always buying you one. Being generous doesn't necessarily mean showing with gifts or constantly getting rounds, it's just the little things like SHARING YOUR CHIPS, we only want a couple!


We want you to be lovely and kind to us and nice to our (and your mum) and our granny, and maybe you could give my friend a lift home? She only lives 20 minutes away and the bike will definitely fit in your car....

Some Kind of Rhythm


A guy that can dance can get into my pants. What? Who said that? Lots of ladies... that's who.


We want you to have a little bit of sparkle that makes you just that little bit better than other people's boyfriends. We do realise that some people are born with this, and some are not but if you are naturally charismatic... just try and hold us back.


Stop with the games and just say it!



A 'real' man can turn on the romance when necessary. This does not make you whipped, but actually makes you a God. This could be something as simple as picking a flower and handing it to us. We're not THAT easy to please.


We love surprises.

Light Heartedness

Nothing is that serious is it? Laugh about it.


If a drunk idiot starts a fight with you, the most attractive thing you can do is walk away.

Kate Breslin

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