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11 Things Guys Can Do That Girls Can't

Girls seem to be held to a much higher standard than guys, and it's pretty unfair at times. I don't know whether it's because guys are just too stupid, but it just seems they can get away anything. Especially anything girls would be judged for quite heavily.

11. Fart.

I personally find all farts hilarious. Girls, guys, cats, dogs, elephants, it doesn't matter. However most people tend to disagree with me, and while girls don't like when guys fart either, it is generally accepted that we do it. The same is not true for girls.

10. Burp

It's a similar story when it comes to burps, although burps are slightly more acceptable. For example, my girlfriend can burp the alphabet, and it's one of the most attractive things about her, no word of a lie.

9. Scratch Yourself In Public.

When you were growing up your mammy almost definitely hit you if she ever caught you scratching yourself in certain areas. So although it's not really okay for anyone to scratch themselves in those areas, if you see a guy scratching his ass, or fixing his boxers or something, you would consider this more acceptable than if you saw a girl doing the same thing.


8. Be Loud In A Group.

A big group of guys in a bar, while sometimes very annoying, is kind of expected to be loud, and they're usually pretty harmless and don't bother many people. Now, contrast this with a group of screaming girls on a hen party or something like that, and attitudes change dramatically. This is kind of unfair, though, because the only thing different about the two groups is the frequency of the voices.

7. Wear Tracksuit Bottoms Every Day.

Okay, this one is probably a bit of stretch because girls often wear tracksuit bottoms if they're going to the gym or they're just having a lazy day, and this is pretty common. It's just that it's more acceptable for guys, who can actually wear them every day.

6. Make No Effort On Your Appearance.

This is mainly in reference to make-up, and how girls have to make an effort every time they leave the house, as opposed to guys who can roll out of bed and straight out the door, and still look relatively presentable.


5. Be Messy/Dirty In General.

This ties in with the previous point, and also the first two about the farting and burping. Guys can be messy when they eat, in the way they leave their bedroom and in the bathroom, and it's all just put down to them being too manly to clean up. The opposite is true of girls, who are expected to do everything in a neat and tidy way, and be generally lady-like.

4. Get So Drunk That You Pass Out.

When a guy passes out from being too drunk, everyone laughs at him. But when a girl does it, everyone either feels sorry for her or looks down on her. Probably one of the most unfair points on this list.

3. "Slut It Up."

Actually no, this is the most unfair point. Why is it that guys can get loads of women and be praised, but if girls did the same thing with guys then they're considered a "slut?" I once heard the analogy that if a key opens many locks it's considered a good key, but if a lock can be opened by many keys, it's a sh*t lock. This is obviously a gross over-simplification of the situation, and I'd like to reiterate that I think it's very unfair.

2. Get Fat (Within Reason)

Celebrity magazines are probably mostly to blame for this, judging every female celebrity to within an inch of her life, and noticing every little bit of weight that they put on. There isn't nearly the same amount of time put into monitoring the weight of male celebrities, and this translates to the real world. Obviously not to the same degree, but people tend to notice when girls put on a little weight as opposed to guys.

1. Be Hairy

Guys can have hair pretty much anywhere on their bodies. Girls can't. Well they can if they want to, but people will judge them for it. You can complain about it all you want, but that's just the way it is.


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