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12 Things That Make Guys Feel Really Awkward

Most guys try to give off the impression that they're pretty cool all of the time, not letting anything make them feel uncomfortable or awkward. However, unless your Andrea Pirlo (refer to picture below), you are not as cool as you think you are, and you will get awkward in certain situations.

Just look at him.... Anyway, here is a list of some of the most common awkward situations that guys can find themselves in.

Girls Crying

The single most awkward situation a guy can find himself in. Thoughts go flying through his head: do I hug her? Do I ask her about it? Do I pat her on the head and say "there, there" over and over again?

"Female Issues"

I don't really have to explain this one do I? Everyone knows what I'm talking about, so all I'll do is ask women to please keep conversations around these "issues" to a minimum when around guys. It's not that we don't sympathise with your monthly struggles, we just have absolutely no experience with the subject. Which is probably best for all concerned when you think about it.

Big Boobs


"Keep making eye contact. Do NOT look down. Keep making eye contact. Do NOT look down. Keep making eye contact. For the love of God DO NOT LOOK.... Shit...."

Attractive Women In General

The single biggest lie that men tell each other is how good they are with women. I accept that some men are genuinely good at it (Pirlo, I'm looking at you again), but most of us lose the ability to form coherent sentences when we come in contact with a good-looking girl.

Changing Rooms At The Gym

The first situation that doesn't involve a girl, but that doesn't mean it's any less awkward. Most men dislike being naked in public for any longer than they have, and get changed relatively quickly, with some small talk on the way. The men who make it awkward are those who insist on putting on every other item of clothing before their jocks, and will actually stop getting changed if a topic conversation is particularly interesting to them.

Being Asked Directions To Somewhere You Don't Know


Whenever this happens, the first thing you should do is apologise and explain that you don't know where that is. However, this rarely happens, as you try to be helpful, and by the time you've realised that you actually can't be any help, it's too late to say that, and you just leave them more confused than they were before they stopped you.

When Someone Stands Next To You At The Urinals

The level of awkwardness of this is directly proportional to how many other urinals are free that aren't right beside you. General etiquette of public toilets dictates that you choose a urinal as far away from everyone else as possible, but it's amazing just how many people choose to ignore this, or simply aren't aware of it.

Another Guy Talking About Something Emotional

Not quite as awkward as having to deal with a tearful female, but it's still pretty bad when all the conversations you've had with the guy up to this point have been about beer, farts and football.

Girls Asking About Feelings And Emotions And Stuff


Guys aren't the emotionless robots that we're often made out to be, but most of the time are emotions are pretty normal, and the most complicated thing we're thinking about is what's for dinner. But girls aren't really ever satisfied with this response, and decide to dig deeper expecting to find another layer. Cue the awkwardness.

Tripping Over Your Something When You're On Your Own

At least when you're with your friends and this happens, they take the piss out of you, and you can laugh with them about how clumsy you are. But when you're on your own, if you laugh to yourself you just look like a weirdo, which means that you just have to keep walking and hope that nobody noticed... But they did... Someone always notices...

When You Accidentally Touch Hands With Someone In The Street

If you bump into someone, you both stop and get the chance to apologise to each other. But when you touch hands with someone it's usually because you're both walking in the same direction, so there's no chance to apologise to each other, and they might not even look at you. There is literally no way of getting rid of the awkwardness of this situation. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it.

Relations Asking About Your New Girlfriend

Why is it that when your relations ask about your new girlfriend, they treat the situation as if you are all 13 years old talking about someone's first kiss? Some of them are one step away from pinching your cheek and telling you how cute they are when they ask about her.

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