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Tinder: The Do's and Don'ts Of Getting A Date (For Guys).

Tinder is definitely the hottest dating app of the moment, having recently announced that it has made over ONE BILLION matches based on liking the profiles of other users. Unlike other dating sites, where it includes a lengthy bio or questionnaire, Tinder is a teensy bit shallow. Due to the fact that users generally spend a mere amount of seconds on a person's profile, there are certain things that instantly make a girl click 'nope' on your profile. So to help you get as many matches, whether you're looking to hit it and quit it, or you're here for the long haul, we've got a with a list of Tinder Do's and Don'ts.

1) Do Have A Decent Head Shot.

Now I don't mean you have to go get a professional photographer out to your house to take pictures of you. The first picture should grab her attention and make her want to explore your profile a bit more. It should show you smiling and confident. This could just be a picture from a night out or something that by chance, you happen to look really well in. I hate to admit, but even a sneaky selfie thrown in isn't the worst thing in the whole world, just don't have consecutive selfies on your profile to avoid looking like the male equivalent of Kim K.

2) Don't Have All Group Shots.

You get a selection of five photographs to upload when making your tinder profile, make sure that these aren't all photographs of you with a group of people. The reason for this is that if a girl can't differentiate between you and your friends, she's going to just click  'nope' within the first few clicks. The tinder pool of potential matches is far too wide and full of potential for us to waste time trying to figure out if you're the ugly one in your friends group. And, generally speaking, if you just have all group shots, then you usually are!

3) Do (If you're the athletic type) Have A Picture Doing Some Sort Of Sport.

So she's clicked past your first photo, the next one should show you doing something that you're into. Personally, I'm an absolute sucker for a Rugger Bugger (rugby player). And anyone with a photo on a rugby pitch with big shoulders will get an automatic like *swoon*. This shows us that you're active, dedicated to something and probably have an amazing physique. ;)

4) Don't Have A Photo With An Ex, (Or Current) Girlfriend/Wife/Partner.

This should go without saying, if you're on a dating  site then you shouldn't be in a relationship. But surprise, surprise there are still some humans on this planet who will have no shame in using these apps for casual hookups even if they are coupled up (absolute swines!). No word of a lie, I once came across a chaps profile who had a shot of him and his missus for every photo. If this is your game, then don't expect many matches as most gals don't want to play Suzie homewrecker or be the other woman. Unless she's equally just as much of a pathetic whore as you are!

5) Do Show Your Hobbies And Interests.

It's difficult to show your personality with only a choice of five photos, so if you have a hobby that you want to share with people, then do! Your hobbies are what differentiates you from the rest of the pack. Whether it's music, art or even a bit of pitch and put if you have a good photo of it throw it up on your profile for good measure. It gives us an idea of what you're into, and hey you never know, we might share some of your interests which can be an instant icebreaker! SCORE!

6) Don't Post Photographs That You Wouldn't Want An Employer To See.

Think of your Tinder profile almost like a dating CV. You wouldn't want a future employer to see photos of you absolutely mangled at a music festival, or asleep at a house party after your mates drew phallic symbols all over your face. So why would you want a future hookup to see it? On top of that, if you post photos like that most girls will think you're a bit of an immature muppet and will automatically swipe NOPE.

7) Do Include a Bio.

The bio is only a few short lines to describe yourself. Most guys include their job, their height (please don't lie about it) and any other useless information that they deem appropriate. The bio is another section where you can attempt to show your personality, use it to your advantage and try not to sound like a dickhead. Personally, I love a funny bio. A few jokes or even better, a good pun, and you have got a much better chance of a swipe right. Try to include a bio if you can, because without one it looks like your just lazy; too lazy to even write a few measly lines about yourself!

8) Don't Include Pictures Of Your Junk.

Please please PLEASE do not do this. I don't give a shit if you're really proud of the 9 inch super penis god graced you with, doing this will make us assume you're an absolute desperate pervert, and will more than likely turn our stomach. Put the trouser snake away!

9) Do Show Your Sense Of Humour.

GSOH (good sense of humour) is imperative. If it's possible, show us that you're up for a laugh. Include your Halloween costume if it was funny, or maybe you dressed up in drag for a charity event. Whatever it may be, including these photos shows us that you're laid back and don't take yourself too seriously!

10) Don't Have Rules.

I hate when I see profiles that are like 'Swipe left if you're not a 5 foot 4 blonde with big boobs and a law degree.' Ehhhhh alright hun, I thought I was the one doing the swiping? Don't rule me out and give me a checklist! #NOPE.

11) Do Show Your Style.

Your personal style is another representation of yourself, so pick photos that you look particularly dapper in. Have a photo where you're wearing a tux? Even better! A photo where you're in your work uniform? (Ummm hello, firefighter uniform). It sounds shallow, but a lot of chicks judge a bloke from his attire. So fix up and look sharp!

12) Don't Have Pictures With Kids.

I don't care if it's a picture of your niece or nephew, brother or sister. If you have a photo of you with a sprog on your lap, we're automatically gonna assume that it's your kid. Most chicks don't want to enter into something with that sort of baggage, so we're probably gonna swipe left. However, if you do have a kid, I would still advise not including the parental photos. Including pictures of your kid on a dating site is just weird, and the fact that you have a kid should come up in conversation at a later point.

13) Do Open up With A Creative Line.

Yay, You've made a match! Next step is to open up with an icebreaker. Scope out the girl's profile first and try to figure out what she's interested in so that you can open up with the perfect one-liner. Avoid the mundane "Hey gorgeous" or any of that boring bullshit. You're more likely to get a reply if you open up with a good line or a joke, it shows you're interested in her!

Happy Tindering!

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