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Totally Smitten: Signs That She's Fallen Hard For You

Sometimes girls find it just as hard as guys do to open up about how they feel. We aren't always keen to let you in on our innermost feelings, but that doesn't mean that we haven't fallen for you. In case you suspect that your girlfriend might have fallen hard for you, here are some signs that she has...

1) She Always Wants To Help You Out.

She might not do this for everyone, but she's always available for you. Wherever you are in the world and no matter what the time it is, she will always find a way to help you if you need her to.

2) She Isn't Afraid of PDA.

If she's the type of girl who doesn't like hugging people in general but is totally fine with you kissing her in public, chances are she's fallen for you. She's proud to call you hers and to show you off, and sometimes there's no better way to show her appreciation than to give you a little squeeze!

3) She Opens Up.

Emotional intimacy isn't easy for everyone. So, if she's baring her soul to you, telling you all her secrets, stuff she hasn't told anyone else, it's not because she likes hearing herself talk. It's because she trusts and maybe even loves you.

4) She Asks for Your Help.

Usually, she's too independent to ever ask for anyone's help. But it's different with you. She allows herself to be needy and vulnerable - to an extent. She asks for your opinion and advice because she respects you, values your opinion and judgement and cares what you think. It's a sure sign she's smitten.

5) She Chooses the Perfect Gifts.

She seems to just get you. She listens to you and is really thoughtful. You mentioned before that you liked this really obscure band just in passing, when your birthday rolls around she has tickets to their next show that you didn't even know was happening.

6) She Introduces You to Her Friends & Family.

This shows that not only does she like and care about you, but she's proud of you too. She wants her friends and family to accept you and wants you to become a part of her inner circle. It's also a sign that she's imagining a future with you. No one introduces a significant other to their family unless they are truly significant to them.

7) She Puts Up With All The Things That You Love

She rarely complains about sitting through your football matches or reality TV marathons. She'll hang out in yours when you have errands to do and loves hanging out with your friends. If she's enthusiastic about everything that you're into, clearly she's interested in making sure you're happy. Do you want to know why? (It's because she loves you.)

8) She Compromises.

It's simple: when she loves you, she wants to keep you happy. This doesn't mean always letting you get your way, but it does mean that she'll be eager to reach a middle ground with you where you're both happy. Whether it's what you'll have for dinner or who gets the remote, she'll show her love by insisting that you call the shots sometimes.

9) She Loves Making You Laugh.

She loves sharing things with you and exploring new places. Making you laugh is one of her favourite things to do. If she's constantly trying to crack you up, chances are she truly cares about making you happy because you make her happy.

10) She Tells You.

Maybe she doesn't use those three little words, but she says it in other ways. Maybe she doesn't use any words, you can just tell from the way that she looks at you and the way she laughs at your jokes. She's totally smitten, and you wouldn't be reading this if you weren't either!


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