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What Guys Are Thinking When They Talk To Girls

A man's mind can become a very strange place when they have to converse with someone from the opposite sex. Our minds start racing with millions of different thoughts, some rational and others completely irrational. Here are just some of the things that pop into a guys head when they talk to girls.

20) "How Does My Hair Look?"

Yeah the first thing that guys think about is how they look when they're talking to a girl they like. You don't want to be talking to a girl when you're having a bad hair day. If you need to fix things up, just use your phone as a mirror to fix your hair and you can just pretend you're looking at your phone.


19) "Shit, what was her name again?"

Sometimes you just draw a blank and completely forget the name of the girl you're talking to. It doesn't even have anything to do with how much you like her or not it's more the fact that men always think about what a girl looks like not her name.



 18) "Don't look at her tits........ shit"

It can be hard for a man to control his urges, sometimes you genuinely just want to have a conversation with a girl, but somehow your eyes seem to wander. Don't make it really obvious, girls have a sixth sense for when guys aren't looking at their face.


17) "I hope my breath doesn't smell"

It's always a good idea to have chewing gum handy because you never know when you will end up meeting someone you like. The last thing you want is a girl trying to guess what you had for lunch based on you're bad breath.



16) " I have no clue what she is talking about"

If you zone out on a conversation with a girl, good luck trying to get back in. When in doubt, just resort back to the customary head nod and smile, hopefully they will think that you're really engaged in the conversation.


15) " Why is she wearing so much make-up"

This doesn't pertain to most girls, usually they wear a respectable amount, but there are always those that feel the need to cake themselves in make-up and think that it's acceptable. If they have so much make up on that you can't make out their skin texture then it's too much.



14) " When is she going to introduce me to her hot friend"

Guys sometimes use girls as a gateway to one of their hotter friends. As cruel as it may sound, guys can be just as cunning as girls when it comes to getting what they want.


13) " Is she seriously on her phone even though we're talking?"

Girls not so discreetly go from what was an in-depth conversation with you, too looking at their phone. More than anything it's quite rude, to really get back at her you should send her a text saying  "my face isn't down there".



12) " That wasn't even a joke why is she laughing?"

This can be a both a good and bad sign, she could be into you and laughs at the silly things you do. On the flip side she could be feeling sympathy for and laughing just to make you feel better.


11) " Hmm I think I've seen her before, on Facebook "

Creeping on Facebook is one of man's favourite pastimes, browsing through your friends' list looking for a girl who has lots of hot friends. Sooner or later you will get introduced to one of them and you have a case of deja vu.



10) " Actually, I think it was Tinder "

Ok, well Tinder is a different story altogether, you know it's on the cards here so there's less pressure.


9) " If only her face was as hot as her body"

There are always some girls that aren't blessed with the full package, they have a cracking body but their face doesn't quite match up. It differs from guy to guy so we don't all place the same value on women's features.



8) "I hope she doesn't think I'm weird"

There is a fine line between quirky weird and actually being awkward and weird. When you start talking about your ex girlfriend and how much you miss her she will usually say" Oh, eh I have to go to the bathroom". You will never see her again.


7) " Should I keep staring at her eyes"

You don't want to come off like a creep when you keep looking at her directly in the eyes. It's a delicate balance which some guys get wrong and it can make girls feel very uncomfortable.



6) " God her friends are annoying"

Sometimes a girls friends can be the thing standing in the way of you sealing the deal. They have the potential to ruin anything good you had going with her. They whisper things into her ear and you just know it's about you because you can see how her friend looks at you.


5) " I can't tell if she is actually into me"

It can be hard to tell sometimes when a girl is genuinely into you and when she just has a bubbly personality. When you see her talking to other guys like she was to you your heart drops.



 4) " Yeah, she's definitely a bitch"

If she talks about all her friends behind her back then she definitely is a bitch. Even when you try to steer the conversation in a different direction she always brings it back to how big a slut so and so is.


 3) " She asked me what do I mean by that, what do I say?"

You have to choose your words carefully here because you never know what might set her off. When you say something really innocuous and then she asks you what you mean by it. We really have no clue what to say and need a get out of jail free card.



2) " I'm going to ask her out"

You would be surprised by how many guys want to ask a girl out, but they're afraid they will get rejected. Life is short, so you might as well man up and ask her If she wants to go out sometime, it doesn't have to be anything serious just a chance to get to know each other.


1) "Oh, so she has a boyfriend.......fuck"

If you found out that she has a boyfriend that usually means it's the end of the road. Any chance you had with her is gone and the only hope you have is that sometime down the road they break-up. If she's hot though there are a queue of guys ready to swoop in.


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