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13 Signs You've Literally No Idea What You're Doing With Your Life

13 Signs You've Literally No Idea What You're Doing With Your Life

Not knowing what you're doing with your life is a common freak out for many of us. Let us be honest though, how many people actually know what they're doing? Other than Beyoncé we can all resign to the fact that we're actually okay and somehow navigating our way through the treacherous terrain of adult life - were's my Blue Peter badge already? Just for the lols here are 13 moments/signs  you'll ask yourself "What am I doing with my life?":

1. You'll jump from one job to the next 'cause you're not sure whether you want to be a showgirl or a vet

2. You'll be drinking Buckfast in the park instead of sitting your exams 'cause #yolo

3. You can be found sitting on your kitchen floor with a cheap bottle of Aldi white wine and listening to a scratched Adele CD

4.You'll be watching 90's movies like Clueless and 10 Things I Hate About You to get inspiration for real life situations

5. You'll be cleaning red vomit off your pillow 'cause you had far too many cheap cocktails the night before


6. You'll check your account balance hourly in the hope that it'll pass €8.65

7. You'll be re-reading Harry Potter 'cause all you ever wanted was to be a witch/wizard but you never got your Hogwarts acceptance letter

8. You frequently procrastinate, binge watch TV shows and sleep for 12 hours 'cause you're exhausted from doing nothing

9.You'll say yes or no to everything 'cause you're not sure what the right answer is and there's no answer sheet for life


10. You'll wake up beside a one night stand that looks like a Yeti

11. You'll spend all your money on healthy food and gym gear but have your dinner in Mac Donald's

12. You will convince yourself chocolate is a source of nutritional value

13. You'll notice you're Googling "what am I doing with my life" every second week



Don't fret. If someone seems to have their shit together they're just faking.

Remember: Fake it till you make it!


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