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What Women Want: 7 Traits Women Look For In Their Ideal Man

We all want to be the better person that says the bullshit line, "real beauty comes from within" but stop lying to yourself. Come on. The first thing women notice in men is how they look (and vice-versa), so the first step is getting her to be physically attracted to you. For all of eternity, women have been told that their boobs aren't big enough, legs aren't long enough, stomach isn't toned enough, hair isn't long enough, so now it's time for women to show the men what we're looking for.

Now everyone has their own preferences, so here's the general gist. Don't worry your little heads too much, there is really needs to be more to the package than the wrapping paper, I swear...

1) Humour

This is paramount. Make me laugh. If anything, women always need and want a good laugh. Men that are stoic and have about the same amount of humour as a stone will always always be a turn-off. Don't be afraid to say weird or outlandish things, most men think that'll frighten women away but, believe me, women have just as many (if not more) weird thoughts as you. So be your funny old self, be sarcastic, be hilarious and you'll never know what you'll get back in return.

2) Style

You don't have to look like you've just stepped off the runway, but not looking like a hobo is actually quite attractive. Baggy clothes aren't very appealing, we want to see your body shape without being too obvious. Think well fitting, smart and on trend. So no pressure then....

3) Ambition


We don't all know what we want to do with our lives and we're at the stage where we're still trying to find ourselves. A man that has ambition to figure out what he wants to do and who he wants to be is hugely appealing. Not sitting around on the couch all day every day talking about how much of a struggle life is and not doing anything about it is a major turn off.

4) Confidence

There's a difference between being confident and being cocky. It makes a woman feel secure knowing that she's walking alongside a confident man. A man that can be confident even if he has flaws (which we all have), is very attractive. Just being able to accept a compliment and not push or shy away from it is extremely attractive. Be warned though, always err on the side of slight self-assurance, because nobody likes a cocky so and so.

5) Height

My condolences to all the short men out there, but you'll find yourself a short woman and you'll make short little babies and it will be lovely for you. For most women, tall men are attractive and a trait we're just not willing to compromise on. If you're a tall woman it's difficult to find a man taller than you, so a word to short women out there; stop taking all the tall men, please and stop.

6) Body

We don't want to sound too demanding here, but being in general good fitness is a trait women want. Abs, pecs, biceps, ideally we want them all, but we understand that we should be in a similar shape to demand such crazy things from you. Oh well, a girl can dream, right? And FLEX.

7) Affection

Women want to be loved and feel loved. So take it from me, men that aren't afraid to express it are gods. Hold her hand, cuddle her, ask her how her day was. We know that men secretly love it too, so why not reciprocate? It makes women feel wanted and loved and we'll show you some love back in return. Promise.


Laura Kelly
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Laura is an open minded, positive thinker (who enjoys a good rant) with a love for all movies and Marvel. She is full of thoughts but is strictly only to be approached whenever a random conversation is desired. She is also deeply in love with Kristen Stewart.

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