Are You Meant For College Or Are You A Victim Of "Snob Value"?

Are You Meant For College Or Are You A Victim Of "Snob Value"?
 According to senior academics many students unsuited to higher education are being shoved into university by parents under the thrall of a perceived 'snob value'. The high student drop-out rates in some courses are a symptom of students who are intrinsically unsuited to college. About 60% of Irish young people progress on to higher education, the highest proportion in Europe. There has also been a dramatic fall-off in young people taking part in apprenticeships or other types of training.
The Irish Times reports that Prof John Hegarty of the Royal Irish Academy says that the  publication by newspapers of feeder schools lists was most “pernicious” and promoting the idea that higher education was the top option.
Caterine McGuinness, the car of NUI Galway's governing body, says that policymakers need to upgrade the vocational system in order to entice students back into participating.
Higher education and academia isn't the only route to success in life, however it can feel as though it is the be all and end all in our society sometimes. If you don't feel like college is for yo there are always alternatives that may suit you better, they're out there all you have to do is look.
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