Watch: Brits Utterly Fail At Knowing Where Northern Ireland Is

Watch: Brits Utterly Fail At Knowing Where Northern Ireland Is

Channel 4 took to the streets yesterday asking Brits about Northern Ireland, Brexit and their views on any potential hard border. One of the exercises that they carried out was getting to participants to draw a line where they thought the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland was.

The results are quite discouraging:


Sayonara Donegal...

More annoying however was the arrogance displayed by some of the interviewees who seemed to be placing the blame on Ireland's door for the uncertainty surrounding the hard/soft border debate.


There was also a very infuriating elderly woman interviewed who was hilariously reductive in her analysis of the situation:

I do think the Irish are just making trouble because they lost, it's a bit petty isn't it really? Yeah the Southern Irish have to lump it basically, you can't always have what you want in life.

Another Brit reasoned that us Paddies should simply follow in their neighbours steps:

What would really solve the problem and what would be in everyone's interests is if Ireland left (the EU).

Other thoughts espoused in the clip were that Ireland hadn't fully thought out Brexit, because y'know it was our brainchild...

Brexit is going to be an utter disaster all the way round. The implications for Ireland, I don't think they've thought the whole way through frankly.

Here is the voxpop in full:

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Eoin Lyons

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