UCD Have Voted To Remove Their SU President From Office

UCD Have Voted To Remove Their SU President From Office

UCD students have voted to remove UCDSU President Katie Ascough from office, in the wake of the handbook scandal that has engulfed the union over the last six weeks.

The impeachment referendum, which was held over Wednesday and Thursday this week, has seen a victory for the Yes side, with 69% of the vote. The voter turnout was extremely high with almost 7,000 students voting across the two days, making it the largest vote in UCD history.

Ascough found herself embroiled in controversy after she took the decision to order a reprint of a student handbook Winging It and remove information on how to get an abortion. She argued that she had made the decision in the wake of legal advice, in the face opposition from colleagues in the Student's Union.

The reprint cost the union an esitmated €8,000, with this week's referendum being called after a petition was signed by 1,200 students, seeking her removal from office.


Results via: College Tribune

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Mark Farrelly

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