UCDSU Sabbatical Officers Call For Ascough To Be Impeached As Students Vote Today

UCDSU Sabbatical Officers Call For Ascough To Be Impeached As Students Vote Today

The story that feels like it has rumbled on since the beginning of time finally has an end in sight; UCD students are set to vote today and tomorrow on whether to impeach their SU President, Katie Ascough.

The impeachment referendum was called due to a controversy over the removal of information on how to go about getting an abortion in various UK clinics, or by obtaining pills online, from Winging It, a handbook produced and distributed by the SU to Freshers. The information was withdrawn, due to legal advice the SU received stating that the provision of such information, in a manner that encourages its use, was illegal and legal action could potentially be brought against the SU. Ms. Ascough then authorised a reprint of these handbooks with this information redacted at a cost of €9,000, contrary to the wishes of the rest of the Sabbatical team.

Now, with the vote on her future set to take place today, the other four members of the UCDSU sabbatical team have come out in recent days to lend their support to the motion to impeach Katie Ascough. Three of the officers, Barry Murphy, Niall Torris and Robert Sweeney, have even taken their annual leave to help lobby for her impeachment, with Welfare Officer Eoghan Mac Domhnaill remaining in the SU officers to hold fort.

In a recent Facebook post, Education Officer Barry Murphy, said that his decision to support Ascough's impeachment was because "she has repeatedly gone against a strong mandate our union holds (a vote by the student body) to fight to repeal the Eighth Amendment".


The campaign to oppose Ascough's impeachment has been posting several 'myth-busting' posts on their Facebook page, disparaging some of the accusations that have bubbled up during the campaign about her and her actions as erroneous.

Voting will take place today and tomorrow in UCD. With the other Sabbatical Officers coming out in support of impeaching her, if she isn't impeached, it will be one hell of an awkward SU when they all return to work.

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Rory McNab

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