Facebook Messenger Are Finally Bringing In A Feature Everyone's Been Calling For

Facebook Messenger Are Finally Bringing In A Feature Everyone's Been Calling For

There's no greater fear than waking up on a Sunday morning with a string of Facebook messages you've drunkenly sent. While you wait for the messages to be seen, you hastily delete messenger and plan to never look at your messages again. It's easier this way and you won't have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

Thankfully though, such drastic steps will soon be a things of the past after Zuckerberg & Co announced they're introducing the 'unsend' option which is already a feature on other apps such as WhatsApp or Instagram, both owned by Facebook.

So far messages that you delete can only be deleted from your end so all you're really doing is pretending it didn't happen or ignoring the inevitable.

According to The Independent, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had the option to delete private conversations and secret messages for years and admitted so sixth months ago.

Facebook informed Techcrunch that they are working on the update but the feature will be thoroughly tested before being made available to the public. The update would allow the user to delete the message immediately or go back in time and delete.


It's unclear when exactly the update will drop but it looks like it will drop any day. Facebook revealed that there was a fear that staff would be hacked and messages would be available for outside forces to read which is why Mark's messages have a limited retention period.

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