Attacked Cork J1 Student Is Out Of Coma And Recovering In San Diego

Attacked Cork J1 Student Is Out Of Coma And Recovering In San Diego

Cork J1 student Evan White is reportedly on the menD after being placed in an induced coma as a result of being attacked in Pacific Beach, San Diego while he was out celebrating his 21st birthday. He was found in a laneway in a critical condition.

According to The Irish Sun, the student has woken from his coma and is doing well. A friend of Evan's, Denis Murphy, told NBC San Diego he was recovering in hospital:

He is doing great. He is recovering very well. His progress is coming along nicely...He’s one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since we were kids. He’s a nice guy and completely genuine. He’s harmless. He’s a gentle soul and would never do anything to anyone else and has never been in any sort of altercation in his life.

The footballers' parents traveled to San Diego and were relieved to see their son. There are still no leads in the case so far.

Police and family will be hoping Evan can shed a light on his attackers.  A spokesperson for the San Diego police said in the past: "It is unknown what caused the injuries since there wasn’t any witnesses and officers had not had the opportunity to speak with White".


The traumatic event is not stopping Evan and his friends from enjoying their trip in the States.

Murphy told viewers of the news channel: “We were a little scared when we first found out what happened to him, but he’s fine and we are going to try to move on as best as we can.” The group are set to depart San Diego in September.

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