UCC Set To Open Massive New Campus In Cork City Centre

UCC Set To Open Massive New Campus In Cork City Centre

University College Cork have announced a major new expansion to their campus with the development of a new business school in Cork city centre.

The university had been looking for a suitable location for the business school, which is set to be able to facilitate some 200 staff and 4,000 students, and have announced that it will be built on the Trinity Quarter site, an area in the city that was previously Brooks Haughton's builders' yard.

Planning permission has already been granted to the university for the development of the facility, however it was initially allocated as 'office space' so they will have to apply for it to be rezoned for educational use. However, it is not anticipated that this will cause any significant issues for development. The building itself, as reported in The Irish Examiner, is set to be some 220,000sq ft and will be five stories high while also featuring a basement. It will be developed on a 1.46 acre plot.

The current Cork University Business School has approximately 3,500 students and the Dean of CUBS, Thia Hennessy, said that she hopes the new building will allow for the continued growth of the department in a new state of the art setting.

Speaking to The Irish Examiner, Deann of the University, Patrick O'Shea, said that it was vital that the university chose a city centre location for its new business school.

"The successful growth of the university has required expansion beyond our historic campus and I want that expansion to integrate well into the university-city interface and to bring additional vibrant entrepeneurial benefits and jobs to further enhance the social and economic fabric of Cork's city and its region."


It is hoped that the new business school would be ready for students to move into at the start of either the 2022 or 2023 academic year.

H/T: The Irish Examiner

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