This County Is A Royal Pain In The Arse For Traffic Wardens

This County Is A Royal Pain In The Arse For Traffic Wardens

It's a thankless task being a traffic warden, but its none more thankless than in Royal county Meath where 20 'incidents' were reported in Navan alone.

Records of the reported incidents were obtained under Freedom of Information by and show that over a seven month period Meath was the worst location in which to be a traffic warden.

According to, in one incident, a warden at Kennedy Place in Navan in June observed three cars parked in a clearway. He asked the drivers to move and they refused. The warden said he would issue a fine and that the drivers responded by “laughing and making fun of him”.

As he was putting the fine on the windscreen the “driver drove off and as he was driving he grabbed the traffic warden’s shirt”. The warden managed to pull free, but the council said the driver “then got out of the car and punched [the] traffic warden in the head”.

In March, a comment was posted on Facebook about a warden which read: “Follow him home and burn him out”. According to article, Meath County Council said this was “reported to Gardaí who said the law does not cover Facebook".


Another report claims that a driver shouted at a traffic warden threatening that “he would make his job hell and he would break his legs if he saw him near his car again”.

As much a reason to up sticks and move as any.

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Eoin Lyons

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