Meath Teenager Rescues Boy From Drowning In The River Boyne

Meath Teenager Rescues Boy From Drowning In The River Boyne

Callum Keane, a 16 year old from Meath, saved a young boy from drowning yesterday after he got into difficulty swimming in the River Boyne.

Keane heard someone screaming from the river as he was walking along it with his girlfriend in Navan. The 16 year old then jumped into the river and pulled the boy ashore.

Both the young boy and his friend, who was stuck in the reeds attempting to save his friend, were taken to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, but they are not believed to have any serious injuries.

The Navan native then came across Christopher Rennicks of Meath River Rescue, who arrived on the scene after hearing of "a few boys in difficulty".

"I raced down and met Callum walking back up the road after possibly saving that young boy's life.

"I brought Callum home to his parents but he was playing his part down no end. That part of the river... has a seriously dangerous current which could have proved to be fatal."


Callum's father Francis recounted that his son wasn't forthcoming with what had happened, instead just nonchalantly going into the house and having a shower.

"I was out cutting the grass when I saw Christopher Rennicks pulling up in the Meath River Rescue van and Callum hopping out soaking wet. Callum just went in for a quick shower and went off again with his girlfriend Grace and said nothing."

"Claudine [Callum's mother] and I heard what happened from Christopher and eventually from Callum and we are extremely proud of him,"

Although he played down his role, Rennicks wants Callum to know that what he done was admirable.

"Callum doesn't realise it but he is a hero for leaping into that current to help a young boy."

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