UCC Student's Sudden And Mysterious Death Shocks Community And Fellow Students

UCC Student's Sudden And Mysterious Death Shocks Community And Fellow Students

The UCC and greater Cork community are devastated by the sudden death of young student Denisse Kyle Dasco last Friday.

She was only 20 years old when she mysteriously collapsed and died. What's even more upsetting is that despite being a very fit and healthy kickboxer, a post-mortem was unable to establish her cause of death.

Originally from the Philippines, Denisse studied in Limerick before coming to UCC to study forensic science. She was in her third year and full of dreams, said her grieving parents.

It's a shock for the community - how could a girl who was so healthy and young suddenly die? It's not the first case of a sudden death of a fit student, with a few more devastating cases coming to mind over the past year such as young GAA player Kevin King who tragically died during a match.

One of her former teachers said she “genuinely radiated a great sense of enthusiasm for life and living, she was energetic and full of life and fun. She was an achiever on many fronts in sport and academically”.


“Everyone is in a state of shock that a beautiful girl with so much to give and with so much to live for and who meant so much to her family and friends has been taken so unexpectedly”.

We hope that further testing will reveal the cause of death so her parents, family, friends and community can be at peace.

RIP Denisse.

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