Galway Students Criticised For Attending Annual 'Donegal Tuesday'

Galway Students Criticised For Attending Annual 'Donegal Tuesday'

This morning it was zero degrees in Galway but that didn't stop these students from queuing up for their rag week pints.

Donegal Tuesday is the biggest day of the year for students in GMIT and NUIG and a key part to any students rag week celebrations. Thousands of students head to The Hole in The Wall on Eyre Street to celebrate one of Ireland's most loved counties with the majority of students queuing from 9.30am this morning.

Students took to Twitter to share their experiences of the day so far and  every county seems to be getting a look in:



Not everyone appreciates the student antics that happen on Donegal Tuesday or the few verses of 'The Hills of Donegal' that might be sung. One person commented on Facebook that the event was a disgrace:

An absolute disgrace the amount of anti social behaviour already in the town and its only Tuesday. The people of this great town need to open their eyes and put a stop to this nonsense. 9.30am they should be in a lecture not pissed up in the city centre!!!!

Several people suggested that this kind of behavior would only happen in Ireland: "Pathetic!! You would only see it in Ireland and only Ireland would have a week where you drink all week...". A number of colleges, including Galway campuses, have disassociated themselves with rag week but students continue to hold independent events away from campus. Gardaí are warning students to remain vigilant and streetwise.

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