Try Out This Drunk Calculator To Find Out Just How Drunk You Are

Try Out This Drunk Calculator To Find Out Just How Drunk You Are

Sometimes you can be casually googling something and an entirely new path is brought before you. In our case it was finding the drunk calculator - yes, the drunk calculator!, not only the best calculator of all time but also the best web address of all time,  allows you to calculate just how drunk you really are. A series of questions are asked and it's up to you to be able to answer them!

The website offers plenty of tips including how to realise the 5 stages of drunk you experience, recommends breathalysers for you to buy and drunk games to play with your mates.  The main benefit of is its free drunk calculator which discovers how drunk you are or how much alcohol is still in your system. The calculator is dead handy for anyone who has to drive the day after drinking or whether or not they're wondering should they go in to work the next day.

Here's an example of some of the types of questions the website asks you:



Here's how some Tweeters got on with :



No more asking the random person beside you - It's never been so easy to find out just how drunk you are!



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