5 Reasons You Should Go To RDS Event 'The Future' This Weekend

5 Reasons You Should Go To RDS Event 'The Future' This Weekend

'The Future' is an event that will be taking place all this weekend in the RDS which will see leaders from all different walks of life come together to share their future thoughts and ambitions, but also to create a vibrant ecosystem of opportunities for collaborations and positive impact.

Over 80 inspiring Irish and International speakers from the worlds of media, technology,  design, business, experience, trends, fashion, publishing, art will be attending the event which will take place from Friday to Sunday this weekend.

Here's our pick of the events taking place at 'The Future'.

1) Johnny Kelly

Irish director Johnny Kelly will be speaking about the his work in the animation industry. The industry in Ireland has been booming as of late so it would be a great opportunity for students to get a sense of what life is like in the animation sector.

2) Will Hudson & Alex Bec of 'It's Nice That'

Graphic design is also a field of work that has seen a marked increase in jobs over the years. Will Hudson & Alex Bec of the graphic design company 'It's Nice That' will be at the event speaking about their work and the graphic design landscape in general.


3) D*Face

As a teenager Dean Stockton a.k.a D*Face found an interest in graffiti through the books of Henry Chalfant, “Spraycan Art” and “Subway Art”. In 2005 he opened his own StolenSpace gallery in London. His style is easily recognisable as he uses pictures of cultural icons (Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, the Queen, etc.) His goal is “to encourage people to not only see, but also to look around them, to rethink the stereotypes of our culture, to not remain passive before the reign of conspicuous consumption”.

4) Jonathan Forrest

Advertising guru Jonathan Forrest is one of the early pioneers and visionaries of the digital advertising industry. He's worked for some massive clients such as; Coca Cola, Nissan, Ulster Bank, SKY and Fáilte Ireland. His brand 'The Company Of Huskies', has also one numerous awards for their work. Taking home five awards at this years ICAD awards ceremony.

5) Jeremyville Live Studio: - A Trip To Jeremyville

A New York-based artist, product designer and author. He has exhibited around the world with shows at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, La Casa Encendida Museum in Madrid, the Madre Museum in Napoli, Cappellini in NYC and the 798 Arts District in Beijing among others. The New York Times, featured him in the 100 Best Illustrators in the World and his studio creates designs for Converse, Swatch, Kidrobot, Kiehl's, Uniqlo and LeSportsac. You can catch him either Friday or Saturday.

You can purchase tickets to 'The Future' here.

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