Dublin Nightclub Hangar, Is Closing Its Doors

Dublin Nightclub Hangar, Is Closing Its Doors

Last night the news broke that one of Dublin’s most well-known clubs for techno/dance/electronic music is set to close its doors, effective immediately.

This hasn’t been a huge shock to most, as it’s been a long time coming for Hangar, but they now have no chance of holding a farewell night for their hundreds and hundreds of fans.

Late last night Hangar posted to their official Facebook page announcing the news. They said “We had hoped to be able to throw a series of closing parties over the coming weeks to give the venue and all the people that have danced with us over the last four years a proper send-off but complications with the new lease holder means that it cannot happen.”

Since September 2014, Hangar has been going every week with special guests, themed nights and has been a hub for local DJs to show off their stuff. It’s located on St Andrews Lane just off Dame Street, and has always had a different kind of scene to most clubs around Dublin.

The building has been given a new lease of life from them, going from an old derelict theatre to one of the best clubs in business. Starting from the old A.L.T nights, and then to Hangar, it’s been a great spot for the last few years. Now, it’s going to be turned into a hotel and the dingy underground look is going to be lost forever.

Loads of Hangar's loving regulars took to Twitter to express their emotions:


Unluckily, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any closure for us from their venue on St.Andrews Lane, but Hangar 2.0 is on its way, right around the corner.

“This is only a minor hiccup in Hangar’s story with Hangar 2.0 just around the corner (both literally and figuratively) so you’ll be hearing from us very soon.”

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