Galway Is Getting New State Of The Art Student Accommodation

Galway Is Getting New State Of The Art Student Accommodation

Galway Docks are to undergo further development in the new 'urban quarter'and Galway City Council approved the €25 million student accommodation development that's set to include 345 en-suite bedrooms. The student accommodation will be adjacent to a €104 million office project that was approved last month.

The development has been given the go ahead and the premises will be built on a three-quarter acre site adjacent to the United Methodist & Presbyterian Church on Victoria Place.

Students will be glad to hear that planners attached a series of conditions to the premises which include that the developments 1) must be used for student accommodation during the academic year and 2) used only as tourist accommodation during the academic holiday periods. 3) It cannot be used for permanent accommodation, as a hotel or hostel without Galway County Council permission.

An excavation plan will be undertaken on the site and an archaeologist will be employed to monitor the site. A contribution of €300,000 must be made to the local authority toward the provision of services.


It's unclear when the premises will be ready for students to move in. It's the news Galway students will be delighted to hear and with a €25 million budget, it's set to be a stunning complex.

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