Here Are All The Subjects That No One Failed In This Year's Leaving Cert

Here Are All The Subjects That No One Failed In This Year's Leaving Cert

This year's Leaving Cert, amidst all the chaos is finally done. Well, there are appeals processes and fallout to come, but the results are out.

We've seen that this year's State exams have produced record results, undoubtedly aided by the contingency plan of calculated grades.

You'd be forgiven for forgetting that there is a multitude of subjects that students can take in their exams, rather than just the mundane gamut that you find in most schools.

These are the subjects which this year have seen no failing grades in Higher Level. For the elder crowd, a failing grade in the revamped Leaving Cert is a H8 (which is given for a grade between 0-29 percent).

Here are all the Higher Level subjects that no one failed in this year's Leaving Cert:

  • Latin (48 students)
  • Ancient Greek (15 students)
  • Dutch (16 students)
  • Agricultural Economics (39 students)
  • Arabic (155 students)
  • Russian (367 students)
  • Latvian (19 students)
  • Hungarian (29 students)
  • Romanian (217 students)
  • Slovakian (14 students)
  • Croatian (34 students)

Of the eleven subjects, only Ancient Greek, Agricultural Economics, Dutch and Slovakian continued their run of having no failures from last year.


This year also marks a significant improvement in results for the subjects such as Arabic, Hungarian, Croatian and Latvian. All four of these subjects had a failure rate of around three percent in 2019, with Arabic improving from a 4.2 percent failure rate.

Of course, these are the subjects which don't have many students studying for them. Likewise, considering most of them are languages, there's a distinct possibility that they are a language routinely spoken in the homes of students.

Regardless of that, it's a huge achievement that these subjects didn't contain one failing grade. It's especially impressive for the subjects with big numbers, such as Russian and Romanian.

Hopefully this trend can continue through to next year's Leaving Cert.

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Sean Meehan

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