The INMO Suspend A Three Day Strike After Talks With Labour Court

The INMO Suspend A Three Day Strike After Talks With Labour Court

It was confirmed last night that the INMO will call off a further three day strike this week after releasing a statement saying that they are considering the 'recommendations' of the Labour Court, after spending the evening negotiating with the Government.

The Labour Court found that there is room for them to intervene in the strikes, offering the INMO an opportunity to be heard and discuss outcomes of the on-going protests.

This decision has led to the suspension of a three day strike, which was due to start today (February 12th), that would have seen 40,000 nurses take to the streets in protest, affecting more patients across the country.

This comes after a weekend of protests, where 20,000 Nurses, Midwives, Students, Friends and Families were on the streets of Dublin demanding better conditions for our Nurses, along with a protest which was brought to Simon Harris' front door Sunday evening.

The INMO released a statement following the talks with the Labour Court to their Twitter account:

"Members' update: The INMO's elected Executive Council have just received the recommendation by the Labour Court. They have suspended the upcoming strikes at the request of the Court to consider the wide-ranging recommendations.

"Members will receive more information on the proposals in the coming days and the recommendation will be put to a ballot.

"In the meantime, we’d ask you to stay united and support your colleagues. The only reliable source of information on these proposals is the INMO, so please pay attention to official communications."


Members and the public are advised to keep a close eye on the INMO's channels for updates.

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Grainne Sharkey

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