Bride To Lose Out On €2000 For The Most Irish Reason Ever

Bride To Lose Out On €2000 For The Most Irish Reason Ever

It had to be the GAA didn't it?

Irish bride-to-be Jennifer Long is set to be out of pocket to the tune of €2000 because 18 of her guests have to attend a rescheduled GAA match on the day of her wedding.

Long had a pre-arranged deal with the Keadeen Hotel in Newbridge, Co. Kildare for 130 guests, but now as there will be less attending the wedding she is seeking a reduction in the amount she initially paid for the booking.

Hotel manager Joe O’Loughlin went on air to say the hotel would accommodate difficult circumstances if there was nothing the bride or guests could do - but a GAA game wouldn’t meet this criteria. He must be unaware of how important a match at this late stage in the championship is.

O' Loughlin said: “I appreciate that she’s in a situation where it’s a financial difficulty for herself but the contract was signed and the payment was made for 130 minimum people.”

He said they received an email from Jennifer which they found “quite threatening”. It read: “Is there no way you can refund me some of the money for our wedding? It’s a huge amount of numbers that are missing unfortunately, my friend works for Liveline and they said they put it on the radio today and that the hotel aren’t helping us in any way".


Long went on to criticise the hotel for their lack of wiggle room on the issue:

It’s nearly €2,000 we are throwing away for the strange circumstances we are put in, is there no flexibility?

I know we signed a contract but I’ve worked with hotels for the last ten years and I know there’s a huge amount of flexibility. As you know this is a stressful time and I wish the hotel were a bit more compassionate.

Mr O’Loughlin had offered the couple an alternative date to hold the wedding at the hotel but Jennifer refused saying she would lose more money in deposits on other services.

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