Irish Students Made An Important Statement About Repeal The Eighth In TCD

Irish Students Made An Important Statement About Repeal The Eighth In TCD

A group of Trinity students decided to publicly declare their stance on the issue of the Eighth Amendment ahead of tonight's Dail debate.

Trinity's Strike 4 Repeal campaign group held stunts across campus this morning. At 9am, the group dropped a banner out the windows of Regent House and the banner was held for several minutes.

At midday, the campaign team held similar stunts, with a banner drop within the Ussher library, as well as a banner in the footbridge to Goldsmith Hall.

According to a press release,  the USI (Union of Students in Ireland) Vice President for Welfare and Equality, Siona Cahill said:

There is no such thing as a ‘silent middle’ on this issue, the majority of people who consider themselves to be in what’s often referred to as the middle ground are in favour of removing this amendment from our constitution, as it was clearly not appropriate there in the first place to regulate Irish healthcare.


Trinity SU has been an active union in the fight to repeal the Eighth Amendment. In 2014, 73% of Trinity Students voted for TCDSU to adopt a pro-choice mandate and campaign for women to have safe and legal abortions in Ireland. In 2016, thousands of students attended the March 4 Choice across Dublin city, with a referendum to be held on the issue later this year.

The USI is asking students to email their local TD to show their support to the 8th committees' recommendations.

The Dáil will debate the eight amendment today and tomorrow, ahead of this year’s referendum.

H/T: Trinity News

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