Irish Influencers Under Fire Over Claims Of "Misleading" Advertisements

Irish Influencers Under Fire Over Claims Of "Misleading" Advertisements

The promotion of products that are digitally enhanced by social media influencers should not mislead their followers, according to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The head of the Advertising Standards Authority Of Ireland made the announcement after complaints that customers were not being fully informed about products they may buy because of an influencer's recommendation.

At the moment, post-production techniques are not prohibited under current advertising rules, however, influencers should not be exploiting the lack of knowledge of their fanbase. Orla Twomey, CEO of ASAI, believes people should be made aware of the altered images:

The extent of the photoshopping is such that it actually is implying that that’s what you’ll get when you use the product and that’s not the case - well that is misleading...If you’re going to be using post-production techniques in a manner in which might mislead it should be flagged.

Recently social media users have put Irish influencers under the microscope as they become increasingly fed up with their lack of responsibility:


An Instagram account has been created to 'call out' the misleading posts of influencers and has already gained over 12,000 followers. The backlash from social media has urged Irish influencers to create an anti-bullying campaign to shut down pages and groups that are calling out their brand.

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