Leaving Cert Students Find Maths Paper Two A Struggle

Leaving Cert Students Find Maths Paper Two A Struggle

Another day, another two Leaving Cert exams in the bag.

Today LC students will sit their Maths paper two and Irish paper one and like most Maths exams, this one was an ordeal.

After the State Examinations Commission (SEC) introduced a new question for English Paper one, students were on edge before the exams. Maths paper two is notoriously difficult as it introduces algebra, trig and geometry into the equation.

Students were surprised by the financial maths questions after it didn't appear on paper one.Savvy students are speculating that one exam question included mistakes and weren't impressed:

As per usual, ordinary level Maths was praised for its ability to not 'cause a nervous breakdown:


Maths is never a subject students feel confident in when they enter an exam hall and the following people are a prime example of this uncalculated fear:



The Irish higher and ordinary level papers will kick off later today.

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