"The Irish Takeover": Canadians Reacting To J1 Students In Vancouver Is Gas

"The Irish Takeover": Canadians Reacting To J1 Students In Vancouver Is Gas

Let's face it, us Irish get around so it's no surprise that this thread on Reddit has hundreds of comments discussing Irish antics abroad.

Although America used to be the spot for students to go on their J1 and graduate visas, Canada, with its liberal attitude and fair working environment, has become the go-to spot for students and young people searching for opportunities.

It looks like its causing concern for some locals in Dunbar, Vancouver who can't understand the 'Irish takeover'. A thread on Reddit started it all off as a local revealed their friends are matching with people on Tinder from Ireland and their local bus was jam-packed with Irish people:

Sudden Irish Takeover??? from r/vancouver

The thread became somewhat personal when the locals referred to us as heavy drinkers who love a party. Word of mouth is that a number of students are completing their J1 in Canada because, unlike the States, you don't have to be 21 to drink alcohol but 19 and 18 in some areas. So it looks like the Canadians might have us sussed?:


This could happen to anyone:

One of the best moments from the thread is a local learning about Irish culture by a lad carrying a hurl around on a ferry in Canada. I mean, you couldn't make that up:


Your usual Irish obsessor was lurking in the shadows, trying to find out where the cute Irish girls are:

Of course, the usual troll decided to be xenophobic. I'll have you know we're well known for being great tippers, even people from Cavan!:

Grab yourself a drink and click here to read the entire thread for yourself. It's shady stuff!

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