Man Removed From Donald Trump Rally For Making Faces Behind His Back

Man Removed From Donald Trump Rally For Making Faces Behind His Back

Throughout history men and women have been known to petulantly inflate their own egos but few have gone to the dizzying, egotistical heights of Donald Trump.

Yesterday the 45th President of the United States was speaking at a rally in Montana about how great America was again when a man directly behind him was noticeably reacting to the President's claims about his personal life, the Democratic party and the future of America.

Throughout the speech, the man, who is yet to be named, rolled his eyes and laughed at the claims made by the President.

At one stage Trump made the claim that America would dissolve into a third world country if a democratic president was elected to which the man in the background looked noticeably disturbed. It was clear the man was not a supporter of Trump when he went on to say the Democrat Party is held by... "absolute haters, left-wing haters":


Horrifyingly, and like something out of a dystopian dictatorship, the man was approached by a woman in black, who stoically replaced him.


At the beginning of his campaign for the presidency, Trump paid actors $50 apiece to attend his candidacy announcement. The dictator President is under fire, again, for manipulating the inauguration photos after it was revealed that he asked for the photos to be edited after the crowds were noticeably smaller than Barack Obama's inauguration.

According to polls, The Washington Post puts Donald's approval ratings at an all-time low of just 36%.

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