Chicago's Cold Snap: Trump Begs Global Warming 'To Come Back Fast'

Chicago's Cold Snap: Trump Begs Global Warming 'To Come Back Fast'

Chicago's cold snap has caused Donald Trump to beg for global warming to 'come back fast'. Many people are confused about where it went in the first place as they gaze at their extremely freezing cities, devastating forest fires, and extreme heatwaves all over the world.

This may be the most stupid thing that I've ever heard come from Donald Trump's twitter account, apart from nearly everything else that he tweets, but this one really knocked the ball out of the park.

Over the last few days, Chicago and the entire northern hemisphere in America have been suffering through a record breaking cold snap that has caused lakes, rivers and Niagara Falls to freeze over, schools to close down, and a serious amount of stock piling.

It's been reported as the coldest weather that Chicago has on record, with it being the coldest 30th of January ever recorded. Temperatures have hit a freezing -60 degrees in Chicago, with residents being warned 'not to take deep breaths', to avoid harming their body with the cold. Frostbite is also a serious threat, as well as many people not being able to brave the cold weather for a short amount of time.

This Freeze will affect 212 million Americans from Dakota to Long Island.


Trump has always completely disregarded Global Warming as a 'Chinese hoax', saying that it is not a man-made problem and whatever it is, it will reverse. This has always been something he's stood by, which caused him to pull America out of the Paris agreement, but it seems he doesn't really understand Global Warming all that much.

The fact that this desperately cold weather has hit America has caused Trump to believe that the world is definitely not 'warming'. Many experts have began to correct him in his twitter replies, trying to explain how Global Warming actually works.


Although the weather may be cold, it is also some of the coldest weather we've experienced on record. Experts say that global warming can actually cause more freezing weather than it can cause extremely warm weather.

This is just another thing to add to the list of ridiculous things that have come from Trumps twitter account.




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