Meath Man Arrested After Gardai Find Pint Of Guinness In Car Cup Holder

Meath Man Arrested After Gardai Find Pint Of Guinness In Car Cup Holder

Sometimes you read a news story with such basic disregard to the rules of the road you shake your head in dismay. This is one of these such incidents,

On Wednesday night a man was pulled over at a checkpoint on the R132 at Gormanstown for suspected drink- driving. On inspecting the vehicle the Gardai noticed the man in question had a half drank pint of Guinness in the cars cup holder in the driver seat and an opened bag of cans in the back. For when he ran out I can assume.

To make an example of this blatant drink driving Meath Crime Revention posted the images to their Facebook page with a caption detailing the incident in question.

The man was arrested and charged and is due to appear before Drogheda District Court next month. Meath Garda Sgt Ronan Farrelly stated the following regarding the arrest:

Whilst roads policing members have encountered plenty of unusual incidents this one certainly ranks as one of the most bizarre.


An RSA report found that of 868 collisions analysed 38% of all fatal collisions involved a driver, motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian who had consumed alcohol. New provisions in the Drink Driving law where introduced in October last year to tackle the issue of drink driving in Ireland. Under these new provisions, there is an increased penalty for drivers detected with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) between 50mg and 80mg from a €200 fine and three penalty points to three months disqualification from driving (plus a €200 fine). Between 50mg and 80mg is the equivalent of less than a pint. So if you are planning on going for a drink for the evening, leave the car at home.

We can only hope that this individual is banned from driving to make the roads a bit safer for us all.

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Deirdre Kelly

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