Gardaí Christmas Campaign Records Over 400 Speeding Vehicles In One Day

Gardaí Christmas Campaign Records Over 400 Speeding Vehicles In One Day

Gardaí have began to crack down on speeding motorists over the Christmas holidays with a new campaign. With the holidays being a time for fun and a couple of drinks, many drivers seem to forget that rules still apply even during the holidays.

A shocking 414 motorists were caught speeding on St.Stephen's day, out of 42,388 cars that were monitored, and over 400 more caught yesterday after 100,000 were monitored.

Among those caught was a motorist travelling at 128 km/h on a 60km/h road in Naas, a driver travelling 112 km/h on a 80 km/h road in Galway, and another motorist travelling 122 km/h on a 50 km/h road in Mount Brown, Dublin 8.

Gardaí have thanked the vast majority of motorists who have kept within the speed limit, and have urged the public to take better care on the roads.

Over the last week, there has already been 4 deaths on our roads, including a 62 year old man in Longford, and a 24 year old man who was involved in a collision.

Along with these statistics, 10 people were arrested on suspicion of drink driving on Christmas day, and before St.Stephen's day morning, a further 12 were arrested.


Christmas may be a time for celebrating, but remember other people's loved ones may be put in danger as a result of your actions over the holiday season. Never drink and drive.

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