Met Éireann Confirm Snow For The Country On St. Patrick's Day

Met Éireann Confirm Snow For The Country On St. Patrick's Day

I am no weatherman, yet given the all-consuming weather-focused frenzy we've fallen into due to 'the Beast from the East' I find myself often doing the job of one.

Reports yesterday speculated that there could be a return of the freezing conditions coming across from Siberia that led to several days of, and I don't use this phrase lightly, mild inconvenience throughout the country - a bandwagon which we were more than happy to jump on the back of.

Well, thankfully, Met Éireann have saved our blushes by confirming that our decision to hop on the coat-tails of a Tweet sent by TV3 weatherman Deirc Ó hArtagáin was not just wild-eyed conjecture, but an apt weather-tip off. They have issued a forecast for Saturday which, though it doesn't threaten Ireland becoming some icy tundra again it will be nippy, quite powerfully nippy.

St. Patrick's weekend will be very cold. Saturday, St. Patrick's Day will be dry in many areas, with bright spells, but scattered snow showers will occur, mainly in eastern coastal counties and along the south coast. Breezy, with moderate to fresh easterly winds. Max. temperatures will range from just 1 or 2 degrees in the north and east to 5 or 6 along west and southwest coasts. Saturday night will be very cold and frosty, with scattered snow showers in the eastern half of the country, but mainly dry elsewhere.


I feel that there are maybe only two Paddy's days I can recall where the weather has been anything other than hypothermia-inducing, so I feel this is more fitting. After all, if Paddy's Day isn't defined by trudging through town shivering through the elements all the while stoically attempting to work your way through a multitude of cans that have somehow ended up being warmer than either you or your surroundings.

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Rory McNab

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