The Meteor Mobile Network Will No Longer Exist From September

The Meteor Mobile Network Will No Longer Exist From September

After 15 years Eir have announced that they are retiring their Meteor mobile network and bringing all their customers under the one brand.

Over 750,000 people in Ireland are existing Meteor customers but come September they'll be part of the Eir umbrella, alongside around 400,000 people who are already on the pre-existing Eir mobile network.

Meteor has long been a popular choice for many an Irish student so hopefully the change will not have any negative impact in terms of offers and price plans, with Eir spokeperson, Paul Bradley, saying, 'We have adopted a single brand strategy. You can get your bundle from Eir, your broadband from Eir, your TV from Eir and mobile from Eir.'

While Meteor had always been more youth and therefore, prepay focused, Badley explained that Eir will now have a healthy mix of options:

There has been work to evolve the Meteor brand over the last couple of years because initially it was a youth brand and a pre-pay focused brand. But now it is a much healthier mix of prepay and bill pay.


What this means for the Meteor genie remains to be seen.


Mark Farrelly

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