A New Campaign Has Been Launched To Save Dublin's Murals

A New Campaign Has Been Launched To Save Dublin's Murals

A group of Dublin's street artist have started a campaign to save Dublin's murals.

This comes after a number of murals had been painted over (greying), including 'Make Dublin Grey Again' on Andrews Lane theatre, Joe Caslin's 'The Claddagh Embrace' on Georges street, where 15,000 people signed a petition to save it but didn't succeed, Subset's Stormzy mural in Smithfield and the Repeal mural in Temple bar.

“When you build a wall, it’s gotta be grey.” #dublincity #culture #itsgonnabehuge

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The Council Strikes Again... - #dublincity #culture #stormzy

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The groups who paint these murals get permission from the property owners to paint, but so many have been removed due to the chance that they could be in breach of the planning permission laws.


The group, Subset, are proposing a licencing system where public spaces can be used for art.

Many of these murals reflect political, cultural and social progression, and that's why so many of us don't want to see them go.

We are a collective, gathering to create public artworks across Dublin City for gray area. A protest project to demonstrate the colour and life art could bring to these streets if we had the support needed. When every attempt made to elevate this great city's culture through urban art is met with letters threatening fines or imprisonment, change is needed. This is not vandalism, we paint with the permission of property owners. But artists in Dublin are being censored.

A video, that is now going viral, released as part of this campaign.

Grainne Sharkey

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