WATCH: Shoppers Freak Out Over Discounted Jars Of Nutella

WATCH: Shoppers Freak Out Over Discounted Jars Of Nutella

Ah Nutella, the best chocolate spread the world has ever tasted. We can all safely say that we're all guilty of consuming an entire pot or trying to scrape the last bit of chocolate from its end but rioting over the stuff? Never! well, maybe it depends on the price.

Shoppers in the French supermarket of got offered more than a bargain when they tried to purchase their discounted jar of Nutella. Crowds began to push and shove and one person received a black eye, all in the hopes of landing a jar of the chocolate spread that was reduced by 70%:

The BBC reported that police were called when fighting and pushing began in stores:

They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand

Members of staff tried to stop the chaos but couldn't make it through the pushing. Intermarché, the French supermarket chain, usually charges €4.50 for a jar but that was reduced to €1.40.


Ferrero which manufactures Nutella says it regrets the violence but the decision to discount the jars was out of their hands.We're not sure if Nutella is a French delicacy but we imagine if something like that happened like in Ireland this is how it would go down:

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