PSA: There Is A Large 'Rodeo Penis' Coming To A Dublin College

PSA: There Is A Large 'Rodeo Penis' Coming To A Dublin College

College isn't all exams this and assignments that ya know. Sometimes it's about taking part in condom olympics and attempting stay on a Rodeo Penis for as long as you can.

UCDSU have surpassed themselves with their event planning for the University's annual Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG) week.

Taking place next week, the SU has all sorts of brilliant things for students to participate in.

Where does the rodeo penis fit in? (No pun intended). Students will try to stay on the "Rodeo Willy" for as long as possible and the person who wins will take home the Coppers Gold Card. Excuse me!

The purpose of the "Condom Olympics" is to place a condom on as many objects as you can with points being awarded on the basis of how big the object is. And the winning prize? A ticket to this year's Electric Picnic. Nice one!


The SU will be also handing out free condoms, lubricant, tampons, pads and pregnancy tests for free.

Students can also ask Ireland's only clinical sexologist Emily Power Smith anything sexual and can send through their questions via Email, Facebook or Snapchat.

UCDSU Welfare Officer Eoghan Mac Domhaill announced the timetable for SHAG week, which will kick off from Monday, Jan 29.

Fair play to UCDSU!

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