One College In Ireland Offers Six Level 8 Courses For Under 280 Points

One College In Ireland Offers Six Level 8 Courses For Under 280 Points

Blanchardstown Institute of Technology is offering a number of Level 8 courses that are on average 260 points. A level 8 course offers you more of a qualification in the topic than a level 6 or 7, and many people who do a level 6 or 7 course would go on to then complete another year to gain their level 8.

The lower levels are generally lower points, but Blanchardstown IT is offering a number of level 8 courses that are all below 300 points.

Blanchardstown IT is easy to get to from town, or areas around Dublin if you choose to commute, as well as it being next to Blanchardstown shopping center so you can unwind after a stressful day at college.

Many people may think that ITs give you less credentials or qualifications compared to a college, but the only major difference between the two is that a college would offer you a more theoretical learning, whereas ITs offer more practical learning that will allow you to slip into a job more comfortably.

Lower point level 8 courses in Blanchardstown Institute of Technology include:

International Business - 251 points

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security - 270 points


Creative Digital Media - 271 points

Engineering - 270 points

Computing - 260 points

Accounting & Finance - 274 points


Other colleges that are offering lower point level 8 courses are:



Institute of Technology, Carlow:

Business & Law - 281 points

Architectural Technology - 260 points

Athlone Institute of Technology


Software Design (Game Development or Cloud Computing) - 293 points

Dublin Business School

Film - 235 points

Law - 244 points

Marketing (Digital Media & Cloud Computing) - 230 points



There are a lot more level 8 course being offered below 300 points around the country. Always make sure to consider your options when applying through the CAO. Points go up and down due to demand, rather than quality of the course, so looking outside of your usual Universities is always worth it if you're set on a particular course.

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