CAO Courses That Only Require 150 Points Or Below

CAO Courses That Only Require 150 Points Or Below

While level 8 courses might mean acquiring 350 and above points, level six and seven courses are ideal entry routes for anyone who did not receive the points they'd hoped for during their Leaving Cert. Once you finish a level six or seven course, your Leaving Cert points are no longer valid and your entry into a third level university is dependant on the course your complete.

Here are just some of the courses that only require 150 points or less:

Athlone Institute of Technology

AL661 Bar Supervision 150

Institute of Technology, Carlow

CW006 Business (Wexford) 129

Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown


BN013 Computing (Information Technology) 108

BN025 Community and Youth Development 112

Institute of Technology, Tallaght

TA015 International Hospitality & Tourism Management 140

Dundalk Institute of Technology

DK650 Culinary Arts 104


DK710 Business & Management 120

DK721 Computing 140

Letterkenny Institute of Technology

LY116 Business - Administration, IT & Customer Service 136

LY206 Sports Studies 137

LY336 Bar & Restaurant Supervision 118


LY346 Culinary Arts  116

LY916 Health & Social Care 108

Institute of Technology, Sligo

SG101 Business 112

SG102 Computing (Undenominated) 105

SG105 Business in Office Administration 108


SG401 Science 122

SG537 Marketing & Sales 140

Institute of Technology, Tralee

TL620 Culinary Arts 150

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