People Did Not Take Kindly To Conor McGregor's Bullshit Last Night

People Did Not Take Kindly To Conor McGregor's Bullshit Last Night

I think you can mark July 13th down as the night Mayweather v McGregor officially jumped the shark, after what was by all means an absolute farce of an event.

The two fighters kept fans waiting nearly two hours past start time before the crowd was finally greeted by McGregor, who was topless bar a polar bear jacket, and Mayweather, who arrived on stage draped in the Irish flag.

While Toronto gave us a glimpse of the close-to-the-bone yet playful and entertaining McGregor, this New York presser was just plain ugly.

In response to accusations that his comments towards Mayweather on Wednesday night had racist undertones, McGregor joked last night that he was half black, from the belly button down, before gyrating on stage as a present to his black female fans.

While McGregor may well have been right to call the allegations, ridiculous he most certainly did not go about batting them away in a classy fashion. At this point even the crowd in attendance seemed turned off by the whole occasion. If you could call it an 'occasion.'


Indeed it was Mayweather Jr who spoke the most sense in response to McGregor's comments, saying afterwards, 'It's all about maturity. It's all about growth and mentally, he still can be young.'

And when he's the voice of reason, you know the world's gone mad.

Just a few minutes earlier he showered McGregor with one dollar bills because he felt the Dubliner looked like a stripper.

Here's how fans reacted to the whole debacle:



Although to be fair, this tweet probably made the whole event worthwhile.

The fourth press conference takes place in London this evening. Oh goodie.

Mark Farrelly

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