Radical Queer Group Covered Up Graphic Pro-Life Protest At Rotunda

Radical Queer Group Covered Up Graphic Pro-Life Protest At Rotunda

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Several days ago a group of pro-life protestors gathered outside the Rotunda Maternity Hospital displaying graphic images of embryos and foetuses before abortion. Naturally, this caused significant distress to patients and visiting family members, so much so that the hospital was forced to call the gardaí to get the protestors to desist and remove their billboard-sized banners.

Despite this, yesterday, another group of pro-life protestors gathered outside the Rotunda's doors.

Aside from the fact that their choice of location for their protest was utterly callous and insensitive to all those who were visiting the hospital, for any number of complex and perhaps incredibly distressing reasons, their wilful dismissal of the hospital's clear wishes for them to not protest and display such gratuitously traumatising imagery can only be seen as deplorable.

Thankfully, word of their protest soon spread and it was not long before a counter-protest, organised by the group Radical Queer Resists, arrived to cover up the images with rainbow flags, bedsheets and whatever other means they had at their disposal, to shield patients and visiting family members from the entirely inappropriate posters.


It was not long before the pro-life protestors ceded defeat and packed their banners away. Hopefully the amazing willingness shown by the group from Radical Queer Resists that arrived will, if not deter similarly despicable protests in future, at least make this extreme faction of pro-life protestors realise that they will not be able to act without consequence or opposition.

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Rory McNab

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