USI Announces Almost 27,000 New Students Now Registered To Vote

USI Announces Almost 27,000 New Students Now Registered To Vote

With the 8th of May, the deadline for voter registration, now just days away, Students' Unions throughout the country have been launching campaigns and running stalls in universities throughout Ireland to try boost the number of registered voters.

The USI have announced that, on top of the 18,000 students who registered to vote in the first term, some 8,000 students have signed up in the past few weeks. Given that there are still a few days for people to send away their voting registration forms and with incredibly successful last minute drives taking place across numerous universities, including Trinity College who signed up around 1,000 students in a 3 hour window earlier this week.

USI's President, Michael Kerrigan said of the tremendous work done:

We’re not surprised to see so many new students registering to vote, it’s clear students want to vote on this issue. Our campaign is all about ensuring students are registered to vote and encouraging them to vote ‘Yes’ on May 25th to remove the Eighth Amendment for a more caring and compassionate Ireland.


While the 8th of May is the deadline for people to send in their forms to be added to the electoral register in time for the election, it is imperative that people send their forms in as soon as possible, given that there are only a few days before the deadline and most local authorities are expecting significant delays.

There are some 375,000 students associated with the USI in Ireland. Considering how large a proportion of the electorate this represents it is imperative that students get out and vote on the 25th of May.

If you are unsure whether or not you are registered to vote then visit

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Rory McNab

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