Rent Prices For Students Continues To Rise At A Drastic Rate

Rent Prices For Students Continues To Rise At A Drastic Rate

If, like most of us, you're working and studying 24/7 to pay rent and to pass college, looks like it might be time to accept your fate and move back in with your folks until it's time to get a real job, with real money. Just know, you're not the only one that will be traveling long distance to get your degree.

For once, there's been a slight decrease on the demand for student accommodation in Dublin city. According to statements made by Dr. Brian Gormley, head of Campus Life at DIT, there's been less of an increase in the average monthly cost of student accommodation.

He claims the reason for this, is the increase in students who are willing to share rooms, or even commute long distances from their home counties than pay for accommodation.

Students are becoming more likely to travel for up to two hours to and from college than pay for accommodation in Dublin City. Not only from commuter towns, but from places such as Louth, Monaghan, and Wicklow. Rather than pay the increased price to live in Dublin, students are opting to live at home with their mammies and commute to lectures every day.

Students rents are up to 541 euro a month on average. That's an increase of 6.5pc since last year, and speaking to the Irish Independent, DIT's Dr. Gormley says "Students are telling us that it is more cost-effective to commute, even long distances, than pay high rent prices,".


DIT surveys have shown an increase of 6pc in the last three years of students choosing to live at home rather than opting to pay for  living costs.

There has been an increase in students looking for 'digs' accommodation, and a decrease in the demand for purpose-built student accommodation with some students facing a bill of 9,000 euro or more for opting for such accommodation. (*cough* DCU *cough*).

Looks like a home cooked dinner, and your own cozy bed isn't going to go amiss next semester.

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