Former PhD Student Sues University For Over $3 Million For Loss Of Sex Drive

Former PhD Student Sues University For Over $3 Million For Loss Of Sex Drive

Student life is stressful. You try and maintain a healthy study/ life balance all on a shoestring budget. At times, like the end of year exams, your life balance is predominately skewed towards to study. At this point, we have all cursed the University we attend for absorbing our social lives and diminishing any chance of sex life. One former PhD student has taken it a step further and is now suing his University for over $3 Million worth of damages for reputation damage and loss of sex drive.

Kuldeep Mann has launched a lawsuit against James Cook University in Queensland seeking $3 million in damages. In the lawsuit, he has accused the college of causing him 'mental torture' which has affected everything in his life.

In the interview with 9 News, Mann says:

Everything was affected including my sex life. I...I'm no longer...wanting to be on the share bed with my partner. There is no such desire for anything.

If the university didn't have this kind of trick on me, had they not destroyed my... ruined my career I should have by now completed my PhD.

Mann said he paid $20,000 to enter the Social Sciences PhD in 2015. When he completed the requirements needed to gain entry onto the course, Mann claims the University accused him of plagiarism and he was subsequently told he "wasn't up to the mark".


The former PhD student's case is going all the way to Queensland's Supreme Court. Mann submitted a 20-page claim of damages for potential lost income, "mental torture",  "...prolonged harassment at the James Cook University that hovered over (his) mind day and night had also adversely affected (his) sex drive and that as a result (his) relationship with (his) partner is on the verge of collapsing."

He is demanding a staggering $3.125 million.
Think twice before you sign up for a PhD.

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