Watch: Racehorse Celebrates Win With Heineken In Tipperary Pub

Watch: Racehorse Celebrates Win With Heineken In Tipperary Pub

Tipperary horse trainer Tom Shanahan celebrated his first win with six year old horse Charle Brune by bringing the animal for a celebratory pint.

The special occasion was Shanahan's first ever winner in Wexford, along with a win in Tipperary the following day. No winner in 30 years as a trainer and then two in the space of 26 hours. That certainly merits a Heineken I think we can all agree

Speaking about his celebrations, Shanahan said:

Sure it's a once in a lifetime thing for me, I was on my way home from Tipperary and I told Maggie Ryan in the Horse and Hound pub in Dualla that I was coming in for a few pints and that I wouldn't be on my own. I told her the horse was coming in with me and that I wasn't taking no for an answer!

There was a tiled floor in the pub and it was tricky getting him in through the doors but the horse trusts me inside out. I could start up a chainsaw beside him and he wouldn't budge, he has complete trust in me. We had some craic, it was mighty!


Reports are unconfirmed, however, sources say the barman in the Horse and Hound had a long face. Rumour has it Charle Brune had to 'rein in' in the celebrations as the night went on. It is still to be confirmed who was saddled with the bar tab.

Only in Ireland would you find a horse in a bar.

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