This Super Split Cocktail Is Already The Highlight Of Summer

This Super Split Cocktail Is Already The Highlight Of Summer

Summer is here and sunny days call for ice cream while the longer evenings call for a few drinks in the beer garden. But what if we told you that you can have both at the same time? Well, a new Super Split cocktail could revolutionise your night out.

We love a clever cocktail but McGettigans have won our hearts with this effort. They have invented a whopper Super Split cocktail which marries together ice cream and alcohol.


The Super Split is a simple but classic ice-cream, which looks even better after McGettigans have jazzed it up. The ice-cream cocktail, which will cost you a fiver, contains orange juice, passion fruit and vodka.


Before we get ahead of ourselves, however, the drink is only available for one day this year: June 17, the day McGettigans celebrate their second anniversary since opening up. Let's hope someone takes this idea and makes it a regular drink.

What other classic ice-creams would you want to see turned into a cocktail? I reckon a Twister or Brunch would make incredibly cocktails if done by the right bar staff. Did someone say petition?


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